Corporate Profile

Parth Plastic Industries an ISO 9001:2000 company, has been in operation since 1991 manufacturing products like Polyproplene and High Density Polythylene Ball Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Non-return Valves, Foor Valves, Flow Indicators, Y-Type Strainers, Pipe Fittings and a host of other accessories in various sizes, the maximum being 315mm.

The company is also involved in manufacture of specially engineered products like Trays used in Tray Dryers, Scrapers, Shovels, Spades, Scoops that could be employed by the chemical process industry to handle corrosive material.

Mr.Ketan Parsaniya, the founder and the driving force of the organisation has been a stickler for perfection in all domains of the organisation's operations like Production, Quality Control, Customer Satisfaction and Human Resources etc. A determined enterpreneur, who has always belived in "Total Customer Satisfaction", has kept "Total Quality Management" as the buzzword in the organisation. Innovation and a quest for innovative methods have made it possible for the customer to get the best products at very competitive pricing.

Human resource

Parth Plastic has been a strong believer of the fact that Human Resources from the core wealth of the organization. It has been the constant endeavour of the company to bring in the best possible talent and provide an atmosphere conducive to continuous improvement and growth of the individual, in synergy with the organisational goals. The company has a 50-member strong force working in various disciplines like Design, Production, Administration and Supply-Chain Management. The company belives in motivating it's employees to bring out the very best from every individual by providing the right means and hence has been able to achive high standards of excellence in various areanas.

Future Plans

The company plans a foray into being a complete solutions provider to the Flow Business by manufacturing PP/HDPE pipes, Pumps and Butterfly Valves etc. The company in the foreseeable future also intends to take complete execution of pipeline laying projects. The company have already started procedure to take technical approvals from prestigious engineering consultants like KPG, EIL, Uhde India, Lurgi India, TCE, L&T and TUV ect. Parth Plastic Industries plans to foray in international market in the near future.

The Company is a highly customer-focussed venture dedicated to securing leadership through an unhindered commitment to quality. To every employee, this means aiming at continuous improvement in all the areas of operations and delivering quality products and services consistently.